Based on ultrasound, HIQUSA has been developed to smooth demanding pieces of metal when real top quality is needed. The equipment forges the surface of the work piece with a hard metal point more than 20.000 strokes a second.

- the method is suitable e.g. for the treatment of steel, copper, aluminium, titanium and their alloys as well as for galvanic
- for cylindric and surface grinding
- external and inner surfaces of work pieces can be treated
- replaces traditional, multistage methods
- no size restrictions for the work piece to be treated

Effect on the product

- surface becomes smooth and hard
- surface quality improves
- measures remain unchanged, changes only at micron level
- operating life becomes longer
- strong compressive stress develops on the surface
- corrosion resistance improves (no rests of pastes or additives)
- Tp value of the bearing surface increases to almost hundred per cent (Tampere University of Technology) (with a traditional
  method the value is about 50 per cent)

Different alternatives for point bits

The basic packet contains the following parts:
- working head
- generator
- filters
- point bit
- instructions for use

In addition we provide the purchaser of the equipment with the following support services:
- Product guarantee 12 months (generator and converter)
- maintenance contract on-site
- training for the use of the equipment according to agreement
- option for a contract of service
- point bit service and spare parts

Advantages of the method

Usual stages of operation are not necessary. HIQUSA makes the work piece at once finished, so that possible deformations due to resetting and storage are eliminated.

- swift and advantageous - suitable surface roughness already with one run (mean value 0.02 Ám depending on the original
  surface roughness)
- topographic figures can be made on the surface of the work piece to improve lubrication properties without changing the Ra
- geometric defects resulting from turning can be corrected
- equipment can be fastened to different machine tools
- environmentally friendly

HIQUSA is an auxiliary attachment to an existing machine tool

It is easy to fasten the working head of HIQUSA to any machine tool, for example to a turning machine, CNC machine centre etc. We build also other kinds of fastening mechanisms according to the customersĺ wishes.
Many various work pieces can be treated with different point bit alternatives.

Version for CNC -centers

Version for Laethe -machines

Version for die and mould

HIQUSA equipment and its requirements
The equipment operates with three-phase current (400V) but it can be built to operate also with normal single-phase current. It must be possible to arrange circulation for the cutting liquid. As to its IP classification, the whole packet has been included in an assembly suitable for industry. Possible application to different actuators is carried out at the customerĺs premises according to wishes.

Intended use of the method

- maintenance and finishing of moulds and tools
- finishing of different rollers
- treatment of pinions and shafts
- different blades
- parts requiring a lot of sliding or bearing surface
- machine parts
- different objects of use in machine and metal industry

Surface profiles for turned (left) and ultra burnished surfaces for stainless steel.
Turned surface Treated surface
Perthometer M2 Perthometer M2
Date05/16/2005   Date 05/16/2005  
Time11:37   Time11:39  
Lt5.600 mm  Lt 5.600 mm
Lc0.800 mm  Lc0.800 mm
Ra0.801 Ám  Ra0.025 Ám
Rz4.52 Ám  Rz0.25 Ám
Rmax5.29 Ám  Rmax0.57 Ám
Rp2.64 Ám  Rp0.12 Ám
Rpk1.08 Ám  Rpk*****  
Rk2.50 Ám  Rk*****  
Mr115 %  Mr1*****  
Mr293 %  Mr2*****  
Rt5.40 Ám  Rt0.57 Ám
R3z3.43 Ám  R3z *****  
Rsm256 Ám  Rsm171 Ám
S47Ám  S 19Ám
R3.42 Ám  R0.05 Ám
Ar247 Ám  Ar37.5 Ám
Rx5.30 Ám  Rx0.57 Ám
W1.87 Ám  W0.13 Ám


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